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2016 Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships

October 7-9, 2016 Clarke Swim Center, Heather Farms Park, Walnut Creek

Four Santa Rosa Master swimmers participated on just Saturday and Sunday this year, (that means no milers and no 400 IM'ers.)  The weekenders were Marcela Rueda, Merrie Walts, Hugh Wilder and... Mike Dailey!


Mike swam a 100 free for the first time in a couple years, and dropped his time by over 2 seconds.  Congratulations Mike.


Marcela Rueda competed in the 100 and 200 distances of backstroke, breaststroke and IM.  Marclea took first in both breaststroke events, and second in 200 back and 100 IM, fourth in 100 back and 200 IM. 


Hugh Wilder won high point by taking first in the 200 IM and all the backstroke events:  50, 100 & 200.  Hugh also swam 100 free (first,) 200 free (second) and 400 free (third.)


Merrie Walts swam 100 of each stroke, a 200 IM and 200 free, and ended Saturday with an 800 free.  Merrie took second in 200 free and 100 back, first in other events and high point.


Full results are available here.

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