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News and Events

Three Bits of News

First, I hope everyone gets a chance to welcome Allie Davis as our new head coach dedicated to Santa Rosa Masters.  Starting June 1st, competitive and non-competitive swimmers alike are looking forward to your coaching.  Bring it on!

Second, Please give a big huge congratulations to Mark Evans for winning Pacific Masters 2023 Swimmer of the year for Men 65-69. Mark made no less than 6 new Pacific Master's records as part of his achievement. 

Third, in an effort to end the rumors (or start them?) regarding Pacific Masters SCY Championship; Santa Rosa won the small teams division.  Three of our swimmers were high point for their age group.  Please congratulate: Ericka Richards, who surpassed a former teammate (Nikki), and John Morales, who beat out a friendly Manatee named Steve, and Eric Wong who beat a Clownfish.  Thank you for all the points. 

Several team records were broken, and a Pacific Masters Record was broken twice.  Congratulate Mark Evans for his PacMac record breaking 100 Fly swim for men 65-69 with a time of 1:01.33.  Give a sympathetic pat on the back to John Morales, who held the same record for the duration of Mark’s swim.  Mark also made a new team record in the 50 Fly (27.75,) while John made new team records in 50 (33.12) and 100 (1:14.13) Breaststroke.  Eric Wong made new team records in men’s 40-44 100 IM (57.30) and was under a minute for 100 backstroke (59.59!) Ericka made a new team record in the women’s 45-49 50 fly (28.88) and Dave Rust made new, new records for men 75-79, in both the 1000 (20.12.81) and the mile (35.17.95.)  And lastly, two young men for the 18-24 age group, made records for the 50 & 100 distances in both Butterfly and Free.  Alessandro Buonanno took the Fly with a 24.68 for the 50, and 54.19 for the 100.  Jack McCormick took the 50 Free with a 21.40 and the 100 Free in a 48.01. 

Additional teammates made several more points with individual swims and relays; Sara Jones, Robin Bulman, Laura Beal, Brent Wood, Sheila Nelson, Tracey Jones, Jill Hoffman, Hilary Hafner, and Peter McCormick.  Well done folks.

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