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2015 USMS & PMS Award Winners


USMS Awards for Pacific Masters members

USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award
Harold Boscovich, WCM

USMS Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award
Joel Wilson, CRUZ

USMS Fitness Award
Lisa Ward, WCM

USMS June Krauser Communication Award
Rich Burns, TAM

USMS Open Water Service Award
Jim Wheeler

USMS Athletes Inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame
Nancy Ridout

Pacific Masters Awards

Personal Achievement Award
Asha Allen-Roth, WCM
Robert Anderson, PCCM
Ranie Pearce, OAM

Appreciation Award
Benicia Rivera, RPM
Tri Valley Masters
Richmond Plunge Masters

Contributor of the Year
John King, WCM

Nancy Ridout Distinguished Service Award
Peter Guadagni, WCM
Verne Scott, TAM

Peggy Lucchesi Award
Hermine Terhorst, SRM

Pacific Masters Coach of the Year
Mary Ann Nygren, TVM

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